About us


Founded in 1990 in Milan, the epicentre of Italian design, SACS focuses on the production of luxury rigid inflatable boats (RIBs). RIBs have become the vessel of choice for yacht owners, thanks to their lightweight, high-performance construction and durable, non-damaging tubes, and those boaties who seek the exhilaration of being close to the waterline.

Design elements and architecture with a decided character: this is what sorts SACS.

Under the thrust of an almost visionary creative strategy, SACS has traced the new trends in the sector inaugurating the era of the Maxiribs, which combine the comfort and safety of Ribs, to the luxury and design of the yacht.

The Armator SACS is a bold passionate with a dynamic, agile, contemporary lifestyle, but also glamorous and trendy, looking for his personal way to feel the sea, dominate the waves and savor the taste of freedom.

3C Marine Group

Is settled in Autsralia and in Monaco for more than 10 years. The whole team is at your disposal to personalize the boat of your dream, find the used boat that meets your criteria or find you the best rental offer for a day, one week or more.